A young woman reluctantly meets with her estranged father, only to discover the truth about the events of their wild 70’s summer that drove them apart.

Growing up in the 70's created a certain breed of adults. We miss the care-free, wild days of our youth, while somehow still insisting on raising our children with every helmet and knee pad possible. Don't we all remember Dad driving us to the mall, one hand on the steering wheel, while the other swirled three fingers of scotch? 

I was a child of divorced parents at the age of 4 and grew up between two vastly different worlds. I hung in the balance between the strict legalist world of religion and the wild, carefree party-life of a Peter Pan single father. This has inspired my story, my love for the 1970's and a desire to never let go. 

Chasing Grace explores our memories of childhood in the 1970's, but reminds us that not all the memories of our youth ring true in the light of perspective and time.

Some memories can't be trusted.